Suing The Devil to Open March 11

October 1, 2010 by  
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On the heels of a new national poll, that reveals 60% of U.S. Christians do not believe in the devil, comes the highly-anticipated movie that many pastors and Christian leaders are saying is one of the best Christian films in a decade.

“Suing The Devil” stars legendary actor Malcolm McDowell as the devil who battles the character Luke O’Brien (played by Bart Bronson) and his wife (played by Shannen Fields, star of “Facing the Giants”). The other actors include Rebecca St. James, Corbin Bernsen, Tom Sizemore, and Ros Gentle.

So far the response has been overwhelming with crowds being turned away at the Los Angeles screening. The film also played to packed crowds in Sydney, Jakarta, Honolulu, St. Louis and other cities.

“For too long the devil has almost been a non-existent entity in so many Christian churches,” says one pastor, “but this movie really brings out the reality of the spiritual battle we all face against the enemy.”

“Suing The Devil” opens nationwide on March 11, 2011 and already a large grass-roots campaign has begun with screenings around the world. The interest in the movie is so great that over 1,000 people were on the wait-list for a recent screening.

“I’ve had so many people tell me how therapeutic the film is,” says director Tim Chey. “Everyone wants to punch Satan in the nose – suing him is the next best thing.”

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