ON Scripture(tm) – The Bible Receives Lilly Endowment Grant

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Odyssey Networks has been awarded a three-year grant of $750,000 by Lilly Endowment Inc. for the continued development of ON Scripture(tm) – The Bible.

Launched in September, ON Scripture features a number of the nation’s most prolific preachers and biblical scholars interpreting each week’s lectionary passages through the lens of current events and topical news; the result is a resource that is both pastoral and prophetic.

“We are encouraged by Lilly Endowment’s belief in both the project and in Odyssey Networks,” said CEO Nick Stuart. “We look forward to many years of happy and productive collaboration where we can serve the mission of Lilly Endowment using media to help the faith communities of America grow.”

On Scripture – The Bible pairs an Odyssey video with the author’s exegesis and reflection to further illustrate how the scripture can be actively lived out in our world. Odyssey Networks tells stories of people of faith working together for the common good, promoting understanding among people of different traditions via video, web, mobile, social media, film and television. As people of faith sharing the important message of God’s love for the world, Odyssey Networks is working to spearhead technological innovation within the multi-faith movement. By providing the ON Scripture resource to pastors and laity, Odyssey Networks seeks to build a deep and lasting relationship that will allow them to offer other unique media solutions in building strong pastoral leaders and congregations.

Pastors Eric Shafer and Mary Brown of Odyssey Networks assembled a nationally known editorial committee of Bible scholars and preachers to provide essential counsel in the development of ON Scripture. Pastor Shafer previously served as the Director of Communications for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Pastor Brown was a part of the creative team that launched and grew the WorkingPreacher.org website at Luther Seminary.

ON Scripture – The Bible appears every Wednesday on odysseynetworks.org/on-scripture, huffingtonpost.com/religion, and Day1.org.

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