New Busy Mom’s Bible Offers Daily Inspiration for Busy Mothers

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In an ideal world, the challenging, but highly rewarding, responsibility of motherhood should never get in the way of a relationship with God. But in the real world, “free time” isn’t typically in the vocabulary of today’s busy mothers who are juggling families, careers, the home…not to mention all of life’s other responsibilities. Mothers often spend so much time taking care of others that finding time to nurture their spiritual life doesn’t always get checked off their never-ending to do list.

The all-new Busy Mom’s Bible (Zondervan, March 2010) was created especially for today’s time-constrained mothers who may only have a few moments to nourish their soul each day. Packed with One-Minute Thought Starters, each of which provides a single memorable word for mothers to take into their days, the Busy Mom’s Bible makes a rich and evolving relationship with God more possible than ever.

“Faith must be nurtured daily, but we understand the challenge busy mothers face in finding the time to do so. So, in the time it takes to make a PB&J sandwich or read an email, the Busy Mom’s Bible provides brief daily inspiration while giving mothers options to dive into God’s word in whatever amount of time they have even if it’s just one minute,” said Chip Brown, Zondervan’s senior vice president and publisher of Bibles.”

The Busy Mom’s Bible is one of the few products of its kind organized around a mother’s on-the-go lifestyle, helping readers reflect on the spiritual side of life while addressing the real-world issues they face daily. Through Scripture, devotional content and reflective questions that help motivate five or ten minutes of devoted prayer.

By incorporating the Busy Mom’s Bible into their daily routine, mothers can find inspiration, encouragement and wisdom while strengthening their relationship with God, even when time is at a premium.

Busy Mom’s Bible sample thought starter topics include:

  • Creating a Life of Purpose: What would your life be in one sentence?
  • Blended Families: What are the realities of remarriage and what comes with it?
  • Delegating Responsibilities: How can you prevent burnout and teach others to grow in a role?
  • A Model Mother: What are the strengths that children can inherit from a parent?

Blogging mothers of all backgrounds will have an exclusive opportunity to read and review the new Busy Mom’s Bible through an unprecedented giveaway by Zondervan. The company will distribute 5,000 free Busy Mom’s Bibles to Christian “mommy bloggers” through the website, In exchange, Zondervan is asking moms to review the Bible and post a trackback at the site. All reviewers will be entered into a contest to win a personal assistant ($500 value), who will provide cleaning, shopping and other chores.

“We know that moms value and trust the advice of other moms about the best products, babysitters, recipes, parenting tips, etc. So our hope with this giveaway is that, through the power of word of mouth, any Christian mother who could benefit from the Busy Mom’s Bible will know it’s available as a resource to them and to share with other moms in their life,” said Brown.

The new Busy Mom’s Bible features the trusted NIV translation and will be available in Zondervan’s popular Italian Duo-Tone binding for $24.99 (ISBN: 0- 310-94973-4).

The Busy Mom’s Bible Give Away and Blogging Contest is sponsored exclusively by Zondervan. The promotion is open to all legal residents of the United States (with the exception of residents from the states of Florida and New York–those residents are not eligible). Rules can be found at

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