Life Cards Make Sharing Your Faith Easy

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Sometimes all it takes is one person doing one random act of kindness to change a life. What would life be like if millions of people reached out every week and showed love to people around them? Not for personal gain but because they had been given a gift that had transformed their life?

This idea inspired a new line of cards by Memory Cross called “Life Cards.” Each Life Card contains four origami panels that make a never ending loop.

What if Christians showed God’s love in small ways every week?

What if we could give someone a positive, inspiring and uplifting message?

Life Cards are designed to help Christians spread light through their everyday activities. Starting with something we do every day, Life Cards provide hope and a positive and encouraging message in a format that is very creative.

One Memory Cross card lets people know why you are reaching out. The “Make a Difference” card says:

“Just because. . .” (Panel 1);
“. . .God’s incredible love has changed my life.” (Panel 2);
Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. – 1 John 4:7a NIV (Panel 3);
and Panel 4 has information about which provides resources to someone wanting to know more about a relationship with Christ and the K-Love Radio website, a national Christian radio station playing positive and encouraging music. There is also space to write a personal note.

Other cards include: a thank you card, support and encourage our troops, unconditional love, having a bad day, fear, loneliness and worry.

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