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Traditional churches collect over $420 billion in tithes and donations annually. In her new book, How Much Does God Co$t? (published by AuthorHouse), Kay Quinn asks why – with an abundant flow of money coming in – are the needs of donating parishioners left unattended.

How Much Does God Co$t? appears to be against the church at first glance but quite the opposite is true; Quinn, a Christian and preacher’s daughter, offers readers an awakening experience through the raw observations she makes in the pages of her book. She forces readers to analyze the doctrine they are following and question if they are truly serving God’s law or those created by man.

In How Much Does God Co$t?, Quinn warns readers of participating in the very church Jesus warned his followers about one of hypocrites. She discusses the traditions of men such as tithing, preachers using their positions for personal gain and fame, the physical establishment of the church and how the church body has turned church into a social club. She firmly believes that the spirit of God does not dwell in the church building itself but in his people, his true church. According to Quinn, the sacrifice of Jesus paid for all of his followers’ sins and tithing is an unnecessary practice that puts his death in vain. How much does God cost? According to Quinn, God is free.

Quinn writes:

In other words, if you could fully obey the law and pay for your own trespasses, then Jesus died in vain. What I believe this passage of scripture to be saying is this, if you are going to insist on keeping any portion of the Old Testament Law, then God will require of you to keep the whole law in its entirety! Why hold on to only the tithing part Pastor, Rev. Preacher Man? It is bondage and certainly a bondage that Christ’ death freed us all from! That is, of course, if you have the faith to believe that the blood of Jesus was sufficient enough. Our debt is paid in full and we are free to enjoy victory, peace, promises, and dreams of a better future. And it is all because Christ paid the price for us and not because we pay a tithe.

All proceeds from the sales of How Much Does God Co$t? will go to the Mutual Freedom Organization.

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