Enough is Enough Launches Internet Safety 101 Multimedia Program

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Enough Is Enough (EIE), a non-profit organization dedicated to keeping children safe online, announces the national launch of Internet Safety 101SM, a comprehensive program for parents, educators and other caring adults who need knowledge and resources to protect kids from dangers on all Internet-enabled devices.

“Internet Safety 101 is the only multimedia program on the market specifically designed to educate, equip and empower parents to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to protect children from the very real dangers that exist in a Web 2.0 world,” said Donna Rice Hughes, president and chairman of EIE. “While the Internet provides many extraordinary opportunities for children, the sad reality is no child is immune to online threats, which is why parents must be the first line of defense,” Rice Hughes added.

Today’s kids are exposed to the online dangers of pornography, sexual predators, cyber bullies and other Internet threats. While children can engage in risky behavior via computers, cell phones, gaming systems and social networks, many adults are uninformed, overwhelmed and ill-equipped to deal with online threats.

Existing Internet safety programs educate parents primarily through online methods, but the 101 program targets its materials directly into the homes and hands of parents and caring adults through both traditional and online resources. Internet Safety 101SM provides a means for adults to educate, equip and empower themselves to ensure that children under their care have a safe and rewarding online experience.

EIE’s four-part DVD teaching series, accompanying workbook, and Web site – www.internetsafety101.org – are designed to bring world-class online safety experts directly to individuals and groups. Included in the high-definition video series are poignant true stories, savvy dialogues and exclusive footage from victims and a variety of experts in the field of law enforcement, technology and psychology. Parents and families can use Internet Safety 101SM’s in-depth materials, particularly the practical, easy-to-use “Rules ‘N Tools®” booklet, to engage their kids in a meaningful dialogue about common-sense ways to keep them out of harm’s way.

“The Internet Safety 101 program can turn a cyber-scared parent into a cyber-savvy parent,” noted Rice Hughes, who also served as executive producer and host of the video series.

EIE’s Internet Safety 101SM national partners include: the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention; AOL; MySpace; Verizon; Microsoft; AT&T; and The Salvation Army.

Holly M. Hawkins, AOL’s Director of Consumer Policy and Child Safety, praised EIE’s seminal work, “AOL is proud to partner with EIE on this extremely important project. I have seen firsthand in live training sessions how Internet Safety 101 can be a powerful tool to engage and empower parents and caregivers.”

“MySpace is excited to work alongside Enough Is Enough on the Internet Safety 101 program,” said Hemanshu Nigam, Chief Security Officer, MySpace. “EIE’s innovative educational programs make them online safety pioneers who are helping families win the battle against online risks.”

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