Christian Television Network Bans Popular TV Evangelists

October 6, 2010 by  
Filed under Christian News, an internet Christian television network, has banned many of the most popular TV Evangelists from broadcasting on its network. With a strict programming policy, many of the most well known TV Evangelists are just not welcomed on

To ensure that’s programming stays free from self-promoting ministers, and the doctrine labeled by many conservative Christians as the “false prosperity gospel”, many popular TV Evangelists cannot broadcast on In addition, included in their controversial programming policy; is an exclusion forbidding to air ministers who live a lavish lifestyle (at the expense of their audiences) and those exposed; before confessing and repenting, in sexual activities, such as adultery and homosexuality.

“Enough is enough. Millions of Christians and non-Christians are sick and tired of the pimps in the pulpit”, Pastor David Wright, CEO of said recently. “How can we as ministers preach the Gospel to the poor and rob them at the same time. Telling a husband to be faithful to his wife and we are sleeping with her. Preach against homosexuality and practice it at the same time. Live in a mansion and our congregations are living in the ghettos. We refuse to allow these types of TV Evangelists a platform on our TV network, regardless of how much money we could generate from their celebrity status.”

Making lots of money does not appear to be a temptation for as they continue to offer free airtime for churches and ministries that fit their strict policies. “I know we could make a boat load of money charging these churches and ministries, and it’s not like we don’t need the money. But when Jesus said – freely you have received, freely you give – that is what we decided to do” said Pastor David. has taken a bold stand on banning many poplar TV Evangelists from its programming. Will this be the beginning of a trend for other Christian television networks to follow? My money says, no. One thing is for sure, has created an alternative for millions of people feed-up with the baggage that comes with many popular TV Evangelists today. is a free Christian Internet TV Network with a mission to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. emphasizes safe, family entertainment values for families, communities, and Christians worldwide with over 21 channels

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