Bless Me Network Launches 1-800 Call a Minister Service

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Bless Me Network

First Nationwide Clergy Telephone Spiritual Counseling Service Launched

The Bless Me Network, a Chicago based company has launched a service that allows people of the Christian faith to call a toll free number and speak with members of the Clergy. This one of a kind service is the first to launch in the United States.

The Bless Me Network, a non-profit organization, aspires to provide support services to the Christian Community in the United States. The service will provide pastoral counseling and spiritual guidance. Customers call 1-888-9-BLESSME and then choose to be connected to either a priest or an ordained minister for a connection fee of $1.99 for the first minute and $.99 a minute thereafter. The company guarantees that all calls on the Bless Me Network are strictly confidential and private. The telephone lines will be operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Three in four Americans are of Christian faith. The Christian population in the United States is nearing 230 million people, and accounts for nearly 10% of Christianity worldwide. With such a large audience, The Bless Me Network hopes to provide a new vehicle through which believers in the Christian faith can gain access to their spiritual leaders.

This novel approach to 21st century religious practice is the first of its kind. John Adams, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of the Company states, “The Bless Me Network provides affordable faith based counseling with a level of convenience and confidentiality that has never existed before, and our accessibility presents an open door to those who may have grown apart from their faith over the years. We promote spiritual health and wellbeing, generate needed revenue for churches, while creating a new channel of charitable donation.”

Dr. Chirinjeev Kathuria, Co-founder and President, stated “The Bless Me Network will give over 50% of its earnings to clergy, church, charity and humanitarian aid over the next 5 years. These donations are expected to exceed US $200 Million.” Dr. John McGinn an ordained Minister stated, “this service is philanthropic on many levels. Our callers can expect to gain spiritual guidance through reinforcement of the Christian faith but they will also be donating to charitable causes independent of religious faith.”

The Bless Me Network is a unique service that has the potential to transform the way Christians practice religion in this country for generations to come. The company is founded by practicing Christians of a wide variety of denominations. The founders recognize the need for convenient and direct access to clergy in their own lives and have developed a service to fill this void. “We are excited for Christians across the country to experience the fulfillment received in speaking with clergy from the convenience of their home or workplace,” stated Co-founder Paul R.T. Johnson, Jr.

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Sally says:

This is an amazing service. I was able to talk to a minister who cared and was able to help me in my time of need. God Bless The Bless Me Network!

Peter Delano says:

This is a great idea! I have tried the service and found it to be very useful. I am able to confidentially talk to a minister in the comfort of my own home.

John Felowwood says:

Excellent idea. I barely have any time to go church.