Author Reports Jesus Indwelled Him, Sang

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In his new book “Divine Revelation: a call from Christ to join the armies of Heaven,” John Meacham reports that Jesus Christ indwelled him and sang at his church. John writes that when Jesus indwelled him: “My body felt light as a feather, similar to the morning that I heard God speak from a fiery cloud. My mind was clear of my past and free of the burdens of my life. For the first and only time in my life, I felt with Jesus indwelling me that I was without sin, and my spirit felt fully alive and in total harmony with God. I felt perfect.”

Divine RevelationAuthor John Meacham reveals that for the three days that Jesus occupied his spirit, he was consumed with Christ’s love for His Father and His deep concern for His Church. He explained that this spiritual experience reached its crescendo when they stood in worship to sing “Eternal God, Whose Power Upholds” at his church. John said that, “As Jesus told me during my morning devotions the day before, when I opened my mouth to sing at our Sunday Worship Service, His voice proclaimed the words of this hymn.”

In “Divine Revelation,” John Meacham discloses Christ’s call for witnesses from the words of this hymn. Christ’s call for true prophets who will proclaim His message to the world. Christ’s call for Christians to spread His gracious reign and to bring an end to the greed and hate that consumes His Church. Christ’s call for true wisdom and for every Christian to seek God’s clear pathway for their life. Christ’s call for a ban on the false teaching that blinds His Followers eyes to Him. And Christ’s call that His life be formed in every Christian and that they go forth and conquer the world for him.

In “Divine Revelation,” Meacham closes his discussion of hearing Jesus sing with these questions to the reader: “Are you ready to meet Jesus face-to-face in heaven?” and “Is your church ready for Jesus’ second coming?”

John Meacham’s book  is a message from Jesus Christ to everyone who calls themselves a Christian. Through the divine revelations of John Meacham and numerous Bible passages, Christ speaks to the reader about accepting Him as their Lord and Savior, about being Born Again, about leading a rich Spiritual Life, about joining the Armies of Heaven, about Church Reform, and about helping Him prepare the church for His Second Coming.

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