250,000 Expected for Happy Birthday Jesus Party

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This Christmas an expected quarter of a million Christian families – individually and through churches – will make hi-tech history when, through Really Woolly® Kids, a Dayspring® division, they participate in a two-month online Happy Birthday, Jesus party with a live teacher, part of Really Woolly Kids’s growing line of Online Family Adventures.

Happy Birthday, Jesus launched its new interactive online experience in partnership with Oregon-based Flying Rhinoceros Enterprises. Really Woolly Kids premiered this unprecedented technology to unite kids and parents in spiritual learning while giving kids a safe place to play because the teacher sees kids’ game progress but sees no kids. (Really Woolly teachers come largely from Portland Bible College or Multnomah grad students. The program allows for an unlimited number of teachers.)

How does the Happy Birthday party work? Families, churches or Sunday school departments log on. Teachers appear on-screen – young, enthusiastic, encouraging each child by name – and the games and learning begin. All through the lovable lamb characters that made Really Woolly the top-selling division in Dayspring. Each log-in to the party gives:

– A live, interactive, 30-minute session with a trained teacher

– Live sessions on your schedule, daily, each hour 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

– Games and activities that educate and entertain

– Stories from the lovable lambs of the Really Woolly Kids series

– A week’s worth of daily activities

“From searching the world, at this point we know of no Christian or secular technology where a teacher connects live with kids in an interactive game platform. This is a first,” said Flying Rhinoceros founder and president Ranjy Thomas. Within 18 months, Thomas predicts, this Internet platform will be the “best after- school program in the nation.” Kids’ enthusiasm for Webkins and Club Penguin, precursors to Thomas’ more advanced technology, he says, bodes well for HBJ and Dayspring’s future Online Family Adventures.

Dayspring Marketing Manger Kendra Moore likes seeing the technology turn the clock back on how families absorb eternal values together. “In our consumer society, once a week, parents drop kids at the children’s department and head off to their own classes or service,” Moore explains. “We come alongside parents and bridge the gap between Sundays with biblically sound, entertaining, and engaging activities to pull families closer together.”

“In beta tests,” Moore added, “response was off the charts.”

Local churches can join the world’s biggest birthday party at Happy Birthday, Jesus, free to use:

– introductory videos suitable for any size group from a Sunday School class to a full sanctuary

– Frequently Asked Questions for church leaders and individual faamilies

– Safety descriptions

– Free, ready-to-use templates for bulletin inserts, fliers, and emails to spread the word about this exciting project to an estimated 250,000 families

The Happy Birthday, Jesus support site and the Happy Birthday, Jesus online party site are up and running. The party runs throughout November and December 2009.

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